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Collecting your email using Hotmail/Live/ account

Answer DetailsCollecting your email using Hotmail (Sept 2014)

This guide is intended to help our customers that would like their own personal Hotmail / Live / e-mail account to collect their e-mail from our server.

Step 1 – Signing in & Settings

Sign in to your Hotmail / Live or account

Click the “Settings” option (a button with a cog on it) in the top right hand side of the page.
A dropdown appears, in the dropdown click “Options”

The options page comes up, click the setting within “Managing your account” called “Your email accounts”

Step 2 – Setting up the account

Click the button called “Add a send-and-receive account”

When the screen above appears, click the “Advanced Options” text and fill in accordingly as shown below

Ensure that the PORT settings are changed to 110 and 25 as shown above.
Ensure the tick boxes are as specified above.

When done, click “Next”

When the next screen appears (as below) click “Your inbox”

Click “Save” to complete the setup.

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